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For the purpose."We are just a little more excellent than others in technology nd just a little higher than others in quality "
"We are just a little faster than othersin speed and just a little better than others in service."
Product design, mould development, manufacture. Product quality achieved the international similar product level and enjoy high reputation. Products are exported to Middle East, Africa, Europe and other countries and regions, and more than 400 clients at home and abroad to establish long-term and stable business contact.

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   Automechanika Shanghai - Shenzhen 2023 2023.02.15
   Automechanika Shanghai 2019 2019.11.28
   2019 Auto Aftermarket Guangzhou(AAG) 2019.10.11
   Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition 2018.11.27
   How to judge and eliminate the failure of the clutch clutch bearing? 2018.04.25
   What is the working principle of the tensioning wheel? 2018.04.25
   What is the cause of the failure of the automobile clutch bearings? How to solve? 2017.06.21
   Practical skills for diagnosing common faults of rolling bearings 2017.06.21
   Use and installation of motor bearing 2016.12.07
   Bearing common sense: the use and selection of motor bearings 2016.05.18
   How to select the main shaft bearing for high-speed engraving machine 2016.05.18
   Yuhuan Hui Yue bearing Machinery Co., Ltd. invites you to visit the Frankfurt Exhibition 2015.11.30
   Autumn vehicle maintenance all analysis of their own to the car detoxification" 2015.11.21
   How to reduce the wear of the clutch in the use of the car 2015.11.21
   Note the clutch in daily use 2015.05.05
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