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Construction of long-term stability of the core team, the company should have a strategic vision, rich experience and outstanding leadership team, is the company to sustained and rapid development.
  • Lean and efficient. Flat-type, high efficiency, capable team management and direct control over the company's major decisions and daily operations;
  • Reasonable structure. Organizational structure, knowledge structure, through the structure, age structure, diversity, helping team members to play their respective advantages and complement each other to help prevent one-sidedness of the decision-making and enhance the overall operation and management functions;
  • Valid authorization. Assume their responsibilities, their roles, each team member is responsible for focus manage their work;
  • Remained stable. The establishment of a long-term stability of the decision-making and strategic vision and outstanding leadership group of professional managers, from organizational leadership to ensure the company's sustained and rapid development trend.
To cultivate a "vision, innovation and responsibility" as the core content of corporate culture, and constantly enhance the company's values and knowledge of employees is the cornerstone of successful development of the company.
  • Shared vision. Common aspirations and a unified vision of enterprise development, visionary business philosophy; nurture and develop a positive and progressive corporate values, is a top priority for enterprises;
  • Innovation and development. Technology, management, process innovation, and pursuit of innovation model, the whole people to pursue photovoltaic cornerstone of our success;
  • Shared responsibility. The basis of loyalty is the responsibility of every employee's basic entry requirements, but also a man, and doing the most basic criteria. Responsibility is to the details of the management of the main factors.
  • Corporate identity. Essence and dross inclusion of enterprises, through continuous training so that employees truly understand business, fully integrated into all aspects of business to achieve harmony and unity, to build a harmonious organizational core competencies.
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